The Legend of the Scandinavian Tomte

  • For centuries these legendary gnomes have guarded farms and families in Scandinavia year-round, especially children and animals.

    Once the tradition of Father Christmas spread to the snowy north, the legends of tomte and Santa Claus  blended into a special gnome called a “jultomten” (say “YUL-tom-ten”) for the holidays.

    In Norway this same holiday tomte is called a nisse (say “NEE-seh”), which is a derivative of the name of St. Nicholas.

  • Whatever you call him, this slender version of Santa Claus arrives not in the dead of night by secretly crawling down the chimney, but directly through the front door of your home! Once through, the jultomten hands gifts directly to the children before enjoying his porridge with butter.

    While this jultomten may have a sled pulled by reindeer (this is Scandinavia, after all), they don’t fly or have red noses. They’re just normal reindeer!

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