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5 DIY Ideas To decorate for Christmas

5 DIY Ideas To decorate for Christmas

You can do a DIY Christmas decoration like a pro and give your family amazing “Christmas decoration. Learning to make Handmade Christmas Gnome Ornaments will give you a gorgeously home décor for the coming holiday season. Get to work with the following decoration tips.


  1. Handmade Christmas Gnome Ornaments
  • Get three different sizes of Christmas trees
  • Get other Christmas tree accessories to spice up your trees
  • By edible ornaments like candy canes, bows, and other edible decorative ornaments
  • Get assorted Christmas gifts
  • Make various sizes of Gnomes using our DIY tips in (DIY NORDIC FELTED CHRISTMAS GNOMES)
  • Strategically place the trees around the living room
  • Add the lights, the wreath
  • Place your Christmas gifts and edibles around
  • Place gnomes in conspicuous spots around the trees and the sides for their guardianship
  • Finish it up with a tree topper to crown the trees


  1. Well Crafted Luxury Figurines Set For Home Décor

Figurines are charming little wonders for Christmas trees. To make a beautiful display of figurines on Christmas tree, here are tips to follow:


Get necessary decoration items

  • Get your Christmas trees
  • Get a bunch of figurines and ornaments from décor stores
  • Get white and red colored decoration ribbons
  • Get handcrafted flower petals, preferably the white colors
  • Get your Christmas wreath


Put the items together

  • Place and secure your tree
  • Use the white and red ribbons to demarcate the tree into different sections to hang your ornaments
  • Wire the Christmas light to come on/off with the accessories
  • Hang the figurines and ornaments on the trees according to the ribbons
  • Hang the most appealing figurines and ornaments on the tree sides where they are most visible


  1. Table Centerpieces Christmas Gnomes Décor

Christmas decoration is the centerpiece of the yuletide, but you can use the timeless Gnomes to enhance your decor. You can refer to our article on DIY NORDIC FELTED CHRISTMAS GNOMES for ideas on how to make your Gnomes.


Get decoration items ready

  • Get all your Christmas decors items (trees, ornaments, lights, crawling plant, petals, and gifts) in place
  • Make your gnomes of various sizes following the DIY description in the linked (use link) article
  • Get Christmas personalized gifts


Put the items together

  • Choose your decoration spot, preferably around the fireplace or just make use of the fireplace.
  • Lay out the crawling flower plant on the fireplace stretch
  • Carefully decorate the fireplace top to both sides as preferred
  • Place Christmas trees on each side of the fireplace
  • Hang all decorations to look beautiful
  • Put the Gnomes on each side of the trees and middle area, top of the fireplace.
  • In front of the fireplace, place the gifts and a few Gnomes if available to guard the gifts


  1. Spoonful Creativity New Year’s Eve Parties

Spoonful creativity can be a wonderful way of celebrating the New Year’s Eve parties. The creativity will go with the use of used spoons.


Items required

  • Old spoons and unused household items
  • Giant Christmas tree


Put the items together

  • Place the tree close to the door post
  • Hang the different unused household items all over the tree
  • Hang the old spoons conspicuously all over the tree
  • Fix the lights close to each item on the tree
  • Turn on the lights


  1. Ornaments Personalized Gifts Festivity

This Christmas decoration will bring the best creativity in you. Your focus for this decoration is the dining table where food and drink become your center of decor.


Items required

  • A large dining table
  • Moderate ornaments for décor
  • Decoration ribbons what and red colors
  • Wines, cookies, and handy edibles
  • Serving dishes, plates and wine cups
  • Get some dinner candles
  • Dining table cover cloth


Put the items together

  • With the ribbon, decorate all dirking and eating utensils
  • Hang the ornaments each on the decorated utensils
  • Cove the dining table with cover cloth
  • Place the serving dishes and plates at the center of the dining table
  • Put the wine bottles staggered on the table close to the service dishes
  • On each chair position on the table, put a glass cup each and fill with water or wine
  • Close to glass cup, place a lit candle and let

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Let the festivity begins!

  • September 10, 2017
  • Tatiana Mironova