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Rare Silver Vine Catnip. Best Premium Organic Natural Cat Treat. Relaxing Catnip Balls for Kittens. Unleash Your Cat's Imagination.

$ 8.99
  • THE BEST CATNIP YOU CAN GET - This stuff is really powerful! We've tested dozens of different cat charming remedies, and Actinidia Polygama definitely causes the biggest reaction to our cat family of 3.
  • CAT WATCHING HAS JUST BECOME MORE ENJOYABLE - Typical behaviors include rolling, chin and cheek rubbing, drooling, and licking. The whole family can gather around and crack up as your cats become increasingly playful. Like the way the cartoon cat looks on the soft toy? That's how your cat will look when you open this up!
  • ORGANICALLY GROWN - Grown organically in the mountains of JAPAN and long kept secret as the most popular cat treat in Asia.
  • NATURAL HEALTH REMEDY FOR CATS- Used by Asian healers for centuries as a way to alleviate arthritis, kidney disease, protect the liver, lower blood pressure, along with many other uses.
  • QUANTITY: 1 mouse per order . 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - If your cat doesn't absolutely adore this catnip, we'll refund your questions asked.

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