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Nordic Handmade Scandinavian Tomte

In today’s fast paced world, it’s sometimes easy to lose touch with tradition, and the important things in life. That’s where 7Product Group and this little guy come in.


The ‘Tomte’ is the embodiment of the saying ‘home is where the heart is’. Part of Scandinavian folklore, he’s known as the guardian of the home. Legend has it that so long as you have a ‘Tomte’ on your property, you and your family will thrive and prosper…and all he asks in return is respect, and a bowl of porridge topped with butter on Christmas Eve!


We are 7ProductGroup, a Trademarked US company creating authentic products that reflect the Scandinavian spirit and design ethos… warmth, simplicity, functionality, quality, and joy, and we pour this into every product, especially our handmade Nordic Gnome or ‘Tomte’.


His body is crafted from soft, grey wool, and his long, white beard is made from genuine sheepskin. His hat is ridiculously tall and whimsical, but he’s a sturdy little fellow because of his weighted bottom. We are so proud of our ‘Tomte’ that we showcase him all over the world.