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Metallic Checkerboard StickTILES™ Peel & Stick Backsplashes

$ 36.38

Looking to update a kitchen or bathroom? Try RoomMates Metallic Checkerboard StickTILES™ Peel & Stick Backsplashes for the ultimate room makeover.
Create an instant backsplash without the need for a professional installer! Our Metallic Checkerboard StickTILES™ are fast, fun and easy to create the look of a high-end luxurious kitchen or bathroom in little time.

To apply, measure your wall or flat surface to determine how many StickTILES are needed; then peel and stick! Each StickTILE package measures 10.5” X 10.5” and features the following:

Four high contract metallic tiles
One pack covers 3 sq ft
Fast and easy - just peel and stick
Easy to apply
Lightweight and easy to cut (with a utility knife or scissors)
No cement needed
No grout needed
Achieve an instant luxury look
More About StickTILES

StickTILES can be easily cut if needed to fit any wall. When applying StickTILES side by side use a credit card or plastic smoother should be used to press seams and small areas to ensure the best possible adhesion.

RoomMates StickTILES were created to offer quick and easier bathroom and kitchen upgrades at the half the time and cost while providing a high-end professional look. Explore the entire collection here.


10.5"wide x 10.5"high

Number of Tiles:


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