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My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL Wallpaper Mural 10.5' x 6'

$ 224.00

Everyday is a magical day with this My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL Wall Mural from RoomMates!
If a splash of rainbow power is what your child's room needs, RoomMates has the solution. Come join the fun with all of your little one's favorite Ponyville Ponies featured in this colorful My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL mural. Watch as your child lights up with joy as they embark on new pony adventures. Add this wallpaper mural to any flat surface of your choice, then sit back and watch your room come to life!

Each My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL wall mural includes the following:

Seven 18” panels that assemble to form an 72”h x 126”w mural featuring Princess Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Spike and Princess Celestia all sitting on a white cloud surrounded by a burst of rainbow colors, white stars and hearts
Affordable Wall Decor

Why shop RoomMates over other brands? RoomMates wallpaper murals offer the highest quality at a low cost! Don’t pay more and get less. Pay less and get more! Even better, each prepasted mural package comes with almost everything needed to hang your wall mural. Besides the wall mural itself, the following tools are needed to apply your My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL mural:

A water tray with clean water
A soft brush
A sponge
Measuring tape
A pencil
A razor knife to trim the edges if needed
For a complete step-by-step guide on how to hang your wall mural, click here.

Create Your Very Own Ponyville!

Decorate a magical space that your little one will cherish by pairing your My Little Pony Cloud Burst XL prepasted mural with more affordable wall decor from the colorful collection of My Little Pony wall decals. Shop here to explore more!


10.5' x 6'

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