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Star Wars Rebels Watercolor Giant Wall Decals

$ 12.95

Give the galaxy hope with these Star Wars Rebels Watercolor Giant Wall Decals!
Forced underground under Order 66, Kanan and the rest of the Rebels have a major fight ahead of them. Join the rebellion in a time of darkness with these unique Star Wars Rebels wall decals! These giant wall decals look as if a watercolor painting of the Star Wars Rebels is painted directly on wall! The bright colors used in the art illuminate any wall. The following is included in your wall decal set:

One wall sticker sheet 18”w x 40”h
Two wall decals that create a giant sized image of the Rebels team including Kanan, Ezra, Chopper, Hera, Zeb, and Sabine as well as text that states “Rebel Defeat The Empire”
Where and How To Apply Our Wall Decals

These Star Wars Rebels wall decals can be applied to any clean, flat surface. Apply them in a bedroom or playroom. To apply, remove the wall sticker from the backing. Then, apply the wall decal to the selected surface and smooth out any bubbles that may have formed while applying. These wall decals are printed on a clear material to give the wall decal a real stenciled watercolor effect.

How To Remove Our Wall Decals

Our wall decals are easily removable and repositionable. In order to remove, slowly start from a corner of the wall decal and peel it off the wall. Our wall decals can be removed without leaving a sticky residue on the wall and without damaging the wall. Once you remove your wall stickers, place them on the original peel and stick backing and store for the next Star Wars lover in your home.

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1 sheet 18" x 40" 
Decals range in size 3.5"wide x 3.8"high to 32.3"wide x 16.5"high

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