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Star Wars™ Typographic Darth Vader™ Giant Wall Decal

$ 30.78

You'll feel like you've joined the Dark Side with our typographic Darth Vader™ giant wall decals in your room!

Celebrate Star Wars™ in style on any wall or flat surface with our peel and stick Darth Vader™ wall decals. Whether you’re the ultimate fan or just discovering your love of Star Wars™, our Darth Vader™ wall decals make the perfect addition to any collection. Applying your Star Wars™ Typographic Darth Vader™ Giant wall decal is easy. Simply peel each pre-cut element from the sheet and stick it up on your surface of choice. Need to make a change? No problem! Just peel wall decals away and stick it somewhere else. Our Darth Vader™ wall decal will reposition easily without damage or residue and makes a great gift for any Star Wars™ fan! Recreate the entire Star Wars™ galaxy! Click here here to view our entire Star Wars™ wall decal collection.

This product is printed on clear material for a "stenciled" look. White or light colored walls are recommended for best results.


1 sheet of 17.5" x 20" 
decals range from 2.6" x 2.6" to 16.5" x 16"

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